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Practice Policies

  • Please try to get to practice 10-15 minutes early, the coaches want to warm up and stretch with the swimmers before they get in the water

  • Swimmers should return to the lane they swam in the previous day for practice. Cessi and the coaches will continually observe and test each swimmer depending on the specific stroke they are working on that day. To make it easier, the coaches ask that the swimmers stay in the same lanes for practice. If your child was in the last lane yesterday for practice, he/she should go there the next day.
  • The coaches want to remind you that your son or daughter could be an amazing freestyler but could also need extra assistance for another stoke – the swimmer’s placement could vary from practice to practice. So if you see your swimmer change lanes throughout a practice, don’t stress – it doesn't’t mean they are being downgraded, they just might need extra assistance (or not) depending on the skill they are working on that day
  • Coach Cessi will seed for the meets the Sunday evening before a meet. PLEASE declare your swimmer’s attendance for each meet (either YES or NO) The Sunday BEFORE the meet is scheduled. UNDECLARED SWIMMERS WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PARTICIPATE IN THE MEET ** The last meet in July is actually a Monday evening meet, so swimmer declarations need to be in the Wednesday before.

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